Property Development Project for
Impact Modern Village Residential Estate

Welcome to Impact Modern Village Residential Estate, to be built in the fastest growing city of Lilongwe in the Central African Republic of Malawi. We have put together a document outlining all the aspects of the Impact Modern Village Residential Estate. Please note that the whole project documentation is only available to investors for presentation purposes.

Outline Summary

The project is set to build atleast 1000 cheap and modern homes in the Capital City of Malawi. Lilongwe is the fastest growing city with a high demand in urban housing and accommodation in Malawi. We are looking for investors to fund the Impact Modern Village Residential Estate Project with a minimum amount of $30 to 45 Million. We have put together the project outline, marketing strategies, budget estimates, estimated costs, risk management tactics, building costs, administrative costs, miscellaneous costs, legal costs with our attorneys and an estimate of the profits from the sales and the rentals. To get a glimpse of the full Project outline of the Impact Modern Village Residential Estate, please reserve an appointment to speak to our Executive Chairman - Mr F.M Banda.

Amenities of the Estate

Welcome to the modern village. Impact Village Residential Estate is designed to have all the necessary amenities close by, such as;
- Security Fence & Security Access
- Convenient Shop & Laundry Mart
- Swimming Pool & Kids Communal Area
- Community Center & Community Hall
- Bar, Restaurant & Gym
- Pre-School, Car Parking & Garden

Project Information

Date Posted:

February 01, 2023


Admel Nigo Corporation


Lilongwe, Malawi

No. of Units:

1000 Houses/ Flats


$30-45 Million


2 to 3 Years



Site Plan:


Floor Plans:





Sales & Rentals



Return on Investment

We are looking for Financial Partners, individual s or companies to give us funding to run the projects. Our Team researched for 4 Years before putting the documentation and calculations for this project. Invest with us for a high Return on your investment. We understand the Malawian Property Market and the risks involved. We also have a greater understanding of the Malawian property value, that's why you cannot lose with us. Book an Appointment to get the profit figures for this project. We have all the documentation you will need to read about the repatriation of your funds and the taxation percentages, plus all the legal agreements to be made.

3D Samples for Impact Modern Village Residential Estate

We are have sample plans generated to build 2 and 3 Bedroom Houses and Apartments. Clayton Luxury Estate is set to have all necessary amenities for the comfort and convenience of the residents. All the generated 3D images are for the project presentation only, the actual project designs might differ from what you see in the pictures.

Fund Impact Modern Village Residential Estate

If you are interested in funding Impact Modern Village Residential Estate, for a Return on Investment, please reserve an appointment by clicking the button "I am Interested" on the right side of this page. Our Executive Chairman will get InTouch with you as soon as possible. You will be scheduled for a virtual or a face to face on site meeting after your request has been approved via the email provided in the appointment request form.

NB Please do not send your money to any person claiming to be working for us. Do not give, send or transfer money to anyone. All transactions should be made to the verified channels under the Admel Nigo Coproration Bank Account in Malawi after meeting in person and signing a legal agreement with our Business Attorneys and lawyers, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.